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  1. History Mystery: Halloween Party Above Mason’s Grocery Store 1981

    History Mystery: Halloween Party Above Mason’s Grocery Store 1981

    Our History Mystery this month features a Halloween Party given for local Frankfortonians in 1981. This photo was contributed by Andrew Mason, Sr. as part of the Community Memories Project. The photo was described as an event given for local kids that was held above Mason’s Grocery Store. Since the party was held in 1981, we figure there may be some folks out there that remember this party, or can put a name with some of the faces. Was this a yearly event? Do you have any special memories about this event? Do you have memories of shopping at Mason’s...

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  2. History Mystery: Come to the Fair!

    History Mystery: Come to the Fair!

    What we know:  the image is dated 1912 and shows tents and people walking around.  There is a Ferris wheel in the center of the image with children in the seats.  We know it is in Franklin County, Ky. What we want to know (the mystery): Are these the fair grounds that used to be off Holmes St. in Frankfort? To the right of the image is a wooden structure with an open gallery. Is this the back of the grandstand around the racetrack?  When was the fair in 1912?  Does anyone have any anecdotes or memories about the fair...

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  3. History Mystery: Boys Outside Unknown Building

    History Mystery: Boys Outside Unknown Building

    Today we have one of those random group shots that often stump even the most seasoned of photo archivists. We usually have something to go on that would give us clues, but in this case, the clues are limited. Here’s what we do know: The photo is part of the Wolff, Gretter, Cusick and Hill Studio Negatives Collection (Graphic 2.) That collection tells us that the location of the building is more than likely centrally located in the bluegrass region, if not Franklin County, as this studio was based out of Frankfort. The boys are dressed in clothing that resemble...

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  4. History Mystery: “Tacky Party”

    History Mystery: “Tacky Party”

    Years ago, when KHS staff was traveling through the Ohio Valley to scan personal family items for our Ohio River Portrait Project, we were not prepared for the wonderfully fun items that would come our way. We’re used to the stoic studio portraits, and the pleasant landscapes/cityscapes, but catching a glimpse of silliness in an antique photograph always gives us a huge treat. It reminds us of the human side of our ancestors. They loved parties and having a good time, just as much as we do today. Our special History Mystery treat for today was originally labeled as the “Tacky Party” and...

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