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  1. History Mystery: Grave House?

    History Mystery: Grave House?

    By: Laura Frazier, Georgetown College Senior and KHS Winter Intern This image is from the Robert Burns Stone collection, a recent acquisition of the library and special collections. In this photo, a man stands by what appears to be a mountain grave covered by a small house and surrounded by a fence. This grave house is most likely located on a private property, so this could have been in a family cemetery. According to some sources I have found, grave houses were used to protect the grave from the elements such as rain, snow, and hail. The fence surrounding the...

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  2. History Mystery: Have You Seen Me?

    History Mystery: Have You Seen Me?

    By: Wes Cunningham, University of Louisville Graduate Student and KHS Winter Intern While researching one of our lantern slide collections for digitization we stumbled across this monument. This image was mixed in with pictures of some of Kentucky’s most famous individuals and sites, including portraits of Daniel Boone and a snapshot of the Henry Clay monument, and yet no one here at KHS can identify where this monument stands or what it represents. First, it might be necessary to outline the collection it belongs to; The Colonial Dames Lantern Slide Collection. The Colonial Dames of America (CDA) is an international...

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  3. History Mystery: The Miller Family Fraktur

    History Mystery: The Miller Family Fraktur

    This month’s History Mystery features a special family treat, with some unanswered questions. We’ve all seen the occasional family Bible record that recorded the life and death events of family members. While most are fairly simple in design, some can contain beautiful color embellishments. The thing I want you to remember is that the Miller Fraktur is NOT a family Bible record, despite the fact that the information contained therein resembles the entries commonly seen in family Bible pages. The pages you see here are from a ‘Fraktur’, which is a term that can be defined in two ways. Let’s...

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  4. History Mystery: State Progress Commission

    History Mystery: State Progress Commission

    On Wednesday, February 4th, our library staff will be heading up the hill (literally) to the State Capitol for another Piecing Together History event: Representing Kentucky. Around our neck of the woods, we refer to this as the “New” Capitol Building (1910) since the previous, or “Old” State Capitol is a only a block away, and a part of the KHS campus. Our trip Wednesday coincides with the Legislative Regular Session for 2015, as we celebrate Kentucky’s “New” Capitol Building, and the Legislatures who represented Kentucky during the first 30 years of the 20th century. This month’s History Mystery comes...

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