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  1. History Mystery: Christmas Celebrations at the Governor’s Mansion

    History Mystery: Christmas Celebrations at the Governor’s Mansion

    KHS has a photographic collection that details scenes from the Governor’s Mansion over a couple of decades. A percentage of the photographs feature Christmas celebrations that have occurred during the 1970s and 80s. Of course, as you probably guessed, the people in those photographs remain a mystery. This one example includes a group of ladies from the 1970s engaged in conversation while gathered around a Christmas tree. While it would be really awesome if someone could identify these mystery ladies, we would also be very grateful if readers would take a look at the rest of the Christmas photos from the Governor’s...

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  2. History Mystery: Turkeys of Kentucky

    History Mystery: Turkeys of Kentucky

    Does anyone remember the Browning turkey farm in Winchester, Kentucky?  This image is shows Perry Browning, who was the president of the National Turkey Federation and owner of Browning Coal and Feed Co., standing in the middle of a crowd of turkeys.  Do you have a memory of going to the farm to select your turkey?  Did you proudly purchase a locally raised bird at the Winchester Kroger?  Did you know Perry Browning and have a story to share about his interest in turkeys?  We would love to hear from you! This image is one of two found in the...

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  3. History Mystery: Jacob Mardis’ Burial Site – Kenton County

    History Mystery: Jacob Mardis’ Burial Site – Kenton County

    Looking for Cemetery enthusiasts!  This month’s History Mystery is focused on unraveling the mysterious location of the Pruett-Mardis Cemetery in Kenton County.  Or is it the Mardis Cemetery in Kenton County?  Or better yet: Where exactly is Jacob Mardis (1815-1855) buried?  Find-A-Grave lists Jacob as buried in the Pruett – Mardis Cemetery, off Pruett Rd. in Independence, Kenton County, Kentucky.  There is no image of the marker but 24 others are interred with him.  An inventory report from 1978, published in a collection of Small Kenton County Kentucky Cemeteries by the Kenton County Historical Society gives a more detailed address:...

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  4. History Mystery: Kentwood, KY

    History Mystery: Kentwood, KY

    Get ready geography enthusiasts!  This History Mystery is for you!   The KHS staff has been hard at work adding some of the 11,000 postcards from the Ronald Morgan Postcard collection to our Digital Collections Catalog.  We recently stumbled across this image of the Kentwood Bank, located in Kentwood, KY.  The image, dating from around 1900, shows a two story, stone building with the words “Kentwood Bank” chiseled into the stonework above the windows.  In all of our research about the postcard, we are still lacking one crucial piece of information.  Where is Kentwood, KY?   Since we have not been able to...

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