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Cemeteries and Serendipity

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This past Halloween, our Genealogy Tea and Sympathy program covered Cemeteries and Serendipity. As part of this virtual session, we talked about various aspects of cemetery research: Cemetery name changes over time, available records, affordable marking, genealogy stories, helpful books, and online databases. As a companion piece to the Tea, our Head of Library and Archives, Cheri Daniels, produced an instructional session on Researching Cemeteries. The links below include the videos for each portion. Be on the look-out for 2021 programming! Our Genealogy Tea and Sympathy will continue to be held virtually, and will feature a regional theme. First up for January – Researching Eastern Kentucky.

Researching Cemeteries Lecture:

Genealogy Tea and Sympathy: Cemeteries and Serendipity

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