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Newest Feature Articles
Feature articles will be published monthly and can contain case studies, in-depth explorations of record types, interviews, commentaries and local history stories.

  1. The Sour Mash Whiskey Recipe of Catherine Carpenter

    The Sour Mash Whiskey Recipe of Catherine Carpenter

    By: Cheri Daniels, KAO Editor/KHS Head of Reference Services & Deana Thomas, KHS Archivist In 1995, the Carpenter Family Papers were donated to the Kentucky Historical Society (KHS). The scope of the collection runs from 1788 to 1928, and includes documents from several members of this family as well as their acquaintances. While the overall description is justified in these parameters, recent collection focus has shifted to the life of Catherine Carpenter (1760-1848). In 1806, this mother of 12 children was widowed for the second time, and left to run the large family farm in Casey County, which she did...

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  2. Elmer Beville’s War (Part 2)

    Elmer Beville’s War (Part 2)

    By: David Baker Editor’s Note: This article, along with Part 1 published earlier in November 2018, showcase two different approaches to incorporating primary sources into family history writing. Part 1 provided examples of how one can fact check a letter or diary to better understand what the original writer was describing. Part 2 explores ways to build a narrative around a source which may not contain enough information in and of itself to be informative. Readers should note that the original notebook entries transcribed in Part 2 are an almost continuous line of handwriting, making it impossible to line up the...

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