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  1. Cemeteries and Serendipity

    Cemeteries and Serendipity

    This past Halloween, our Genealogy Tea and Sympathy program covered Cemeteries and Serendipity. As part of this virtual session, we talked about various aspects of cemetery research: Cemetery name changes over time, available records, affordable marking, genealogy stories, helpful books, and online databases. As a companion piece to the Tea,...

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  2. The “Not-So-Secret” Demise of John Cronin

    The “Not-So-Secret” Demise of John Cronin

    Using Historical Newspapers to Solve a Genealogical Mystery By Kathy Reed My grandmother was secretive. Ask her how old she was. No definitive answer. What is your wedding anniversary?  No answer for that, either. I remember one whispered conversation among older members of my family questioning whether or not my...

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