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These are articles and videos that help researchers explore the methodology and resources necessary to begin or continue your journey through Kentucky history.

Written Tutorials

  1. Using JSTOR for Genealogy Research

    Using JSTOR for Genealogy Research

    State history journals can be a treasure trove of useful information for family historians and local history enthusiasts alike. Many state historical societies included a journal focusing on the early history of their region among their earliest offerings to members and scholars.  In addition to articles on a wide array of topics, most of these publications also reported on recent acquisitions, “queries and questions” pieces, and transcriptions of manuscripts in their collections.  Early print indexes to these magazines leave a great deal to be desired for the family history detective, often limiting their efforts to article authors, titles and main...

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  2. Using the Draper Manuscripts to Find Early Settlers

    Using the Draper Manuscripts to Find Early Settlers

    By: Cheri Daniels, KAO Editor & KHS Head of Reference Services One of the most underutilized resources we have here in the library is the Draper Manuscripts Collection on Microfilm. The primary strength of the Draper Collection lies in its early settlement information, specifically on the individual level. When Lyman Copeland Draper was born in 1815, he grew up around those who had settled the new western territories, and who had fought in the American Revolution or the War of 1812. These stories of bravery and hardships were enough to impress any youngster, but Draper was very influenced by these stories and realized...

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  3. Image research in the Ronald Morgan Kentucky Postcard Collection

    Image research in the Ronald Morgan Kentucky Postcard Collection

    Kentucky genealogists have a tremendous resource available to them in the form of the Ronald Morgan Kentucky Postcard Collection.  Anyone wanting to research the landscape their ancestors walked through can search through thousands of digitized images of Kentucky towns, places and subjects. Searching the Library Catalog There are two ways to access the collection.  The first is to use the main library catalog which will allow you to search by place name, county and subject.  This type of search will bring up all collections that link to the search term used.  If you type in Paducah the result will be...

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  4. Kentucky Tax Lists: Revenue Collection after the Civil War (1866-1880)

    Kentucky Tax Lists:  Revenue Collection after the Civil War (1866-1880)

    By Kandie Adkinson, Administrative Specialist, Land Office Division, Office of the Secretary of State The Fourth and final installment in a Series of Articles Regarding the Significance of Tax List Research In the aftermath of the Civil War, the commonwealth faced a variety of domestic challenges, many of which were addressed by the Kentucky General Assembly. The postwar industrial boom made Kentucky’s coal and timber regions prime territory for land speculators eager to acquire as many acres of minerals as the law would allow. Hundreds of thousands of acres in eastern Kentucky were “blanket patented” in the late 1860s and 1870s...

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Video Tutorials


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