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  1. Video Panel Session: Researching Kentucky’s African American Roots

    This past February the Kentucky Historical Society and the African American Genealogy Group of Kentucky teamed up to host a panel session about Kentucky African American research strategies and resources. The panel was comprised of four experts in the field: Dr. Alicestyne Turley of Berea College, Reinette Jones of the Notable...

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  2. Repository Roundup: Hopkinsville Holdings

    Repository Roundup: Hopkinsville Holdings

    Here we are again, on the road, bringing you details about another great repository in Kentucky! In this case, we will be showing you three wonderful repositories in Hopkinsville, Christian County, which lies in the southwest part of the state, along the Tennessee border. For those of you with Western...

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  3. History Mystery: Summer Picnic or Fair?

    History Mystery: Summer Picnic or Fair?

    This month’s History Mystery takes us to a beautiful summer day of the past. On a grassy hillside, a group of finely dressed ladies and gentlemen are posed, looking relaxed and somewhat happy. As happy as a turn of the century photographer would allow them to look: “OK everyone! Keep...

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  4. Who served on the 1915 Exposition Commission?

    Who served on the 1915 Exposition Commission?

    Kentucky Historical Society library staff recently rediscovered a photograph of the 1915 Exposition Commission from the Thomas T. Wendell Collection (MSS 167).  The image features a group of African American men, including Green Pinckney Russell, Dr. Underwood and Thomas Wendell, outside of the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort, KY.  KHS...

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