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Newest Feature Articles
Feature articles will be published monthly and can contain case studies, in-depth explorations of record types, interviews, commentaries and local history stories.

  1. The Nathan Hawkins “Mansion”: A Stone House in the Kentucky Territory of Virginia, 1790

    The Nathan Hawkins “Mansion”: A Stone House in the Kentucky Territory of Virginia, 1790

    By: Dr. Gay Sweely The house itself was … peeking stoically out from behind two overgrown oak trees …. It was a timeworn stone structure … with an addition thoughtlessly tacked on the back. That part was painted a dingy white … Indeed, the house hadn’t been lived in … for reasons that hadn’t yet been explained …. Dense, feminine, ivy with delicate fingers curved her nails around the front doors but it didn’t really matter since the doors were nailed shut with thick, ugly wooden planks that peeked grotesquely through the vines. This quote, from fictional novelist...

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  2. Lexington Reminiscences of Burton Milward Sr.

    Lexington Reminiscences of Burton Milward Sr.

    Editor’s note: The following reminiscences represent an excerpt from the larger edition that resides in the Martin F. Schmidt Research Library. To review the full 34 pages, please visit the library or contact us to access a complete copy. Introduction by Burton Milward Jr.             Lewis William Burton Milward was born in Lexington, Kentucky, on October 15, 1911, the grandson of the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington, which included the Bluegrass Region and all of Eastern Kentucky.             Burton Milward grew up in Lexington. He graduated from Transylvania University and became a prominent journalist and local historian in...

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