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Newest Feature Articles
Feature articles will be published monthly and can contain case studies, in-depth explorations of record types, interviews, commentaries and local history stories.

  1. The Untraveled History of the Wilderness Road

    The Untraveled History of the Wilderness Road

    By: Mildred Leedy Armao Daniel Boone is iconized as the man who blazed the trail across the Cumberland Mountains from Virginia to Kentucky. This important route, then, opened the door for tens of thousands of pioneers to settle west of the Appalachian Mountains. Initially, the trace was simply that; a constellation of worn Indian footpaths and buffalo trails that were marked and cleared of underbrush to facilitate access to the Bluegrass Region. It is commonly thought that the Wilderness Trail remained in that state, impassable to wagons, until after Kentucky attained statehood: “The road marked out was at best but...

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  2. The John Meaux Property Division

    The John Meaux Property Division

    Editor’s Note: The research presented in this report was featured in a recent episode of Finding Your Roots on PBS as it followed the ancestry of actress Maya Rudolph. By Kandie Adkinson, Administrative Specialist, Land Office Division, Office of the Secretary of State As Researched by The Harrodsburg-Mercer County Oral History Committee             John Meaux was a wealthy plantation owner who moved from Virginia to northern Mercer County circa 1784.             According to a deed dated January 24, 1797, John Meaux of Mercer County conveyed the property where he “formerly lived” in Botetourt County, Virginia, to his son, John G....

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