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Newest Feature Articles
Feature articles will be published monthly and can contain case studies, in-depth explorations of record types, interviews, commentaries and local history stories.

  1. My Genealogical Experience

    My Genealogical Experience

    By: Carter Smith My name is Carter Smith, I am 13 years old, and I am currently attending Anderson County Middle School.  I’m involved in various activities such as Academic Team, Band, and Choir, but as you can probably guess my school’s genealogy club is one of my favorites. Reasons for My Interest I’m interested in genealogy for various reasons, but my main reason is that most of my ancestors went through great tragedies such as: war, epidemics, and times of economic downfall and I believe that at the very least they deserve respect for what they went through.  I...

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  2. Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall 2017

    Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall 2017

    Just a couple of months ago, in honor of our annual Boone Day celebration, KHS hosted an amazing family history event called Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall. For those of you who missed out on the energy and excitement provided by over 200 attendees, you’ll want to pay close attention to this report as plans are in the works to bring back this event next year!   The planning for Town Hall began over a year ago, with concept and guest host availability. Did we mention that D. Joshua Taylor from PBS’ Genealogy Roadshow was our guest host this year? He did...

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