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These are articles and videos that help researchers explore the methodology and resources necessary to begin or continue your journey through Kentucky history.

Written Tutorials

  1. Repository Roundup: Hopkinsville Holdings

    Repository Roundup: Hopkinsville Holdings

    Here we are again, on the road, bringing you details about another great repository in Kentucky! In this case, we will be showing you three wonderful repositories in Hopkinsville, Christian County, which lies in the southwest part of the state, along the Tennessee border. For those of you with Western Kentucky roots, Hopkinsville should be on your radar, as it’s well worth a detour. On a side note – the local restaurants are also worth the detour – and we all know, nothing goes better with genealogy research, than some fantastic home-style cooking and barbecue! Also, don’t be surprised at...

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  2. Tracking Olive Tinsley: Documenting a Female in 1830s Kentucky

    Tracking Olive Tinsley: Documenting a Female in 1830s Kentucky

    By: Anissa Penn Davis, Kentucky State Historian: The General Society of Mayflower Descendants It is well-known that finding a female ancestor can be a daunting task.  A researcher counts himself/herself lucky if a maiden name is found in a will.  However, what do researchers do for those females who don’t leave behind many bread crumbs?  How is it possible to determine a death date and location when there is no will and no gravestone?  This was the question that needed to be answered for Olive Willis Tinsley.  Unfortunately, Olive died before the 1850 census, so she would not be listed anywhere...

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  3. Pickling Our Past: The Letters of Isaac Shelby

    Pickling Our Past: The Letters of Isaac Shelby

    Editor’s Note: This article marks the beginning of another new series in our How-to section, called Pickling Our Past. This is your chance to ask our KHS staff for advice when preserving your family photos, documents, and antiques. Periodically, a new question from readers will be answered by a member of the KHS archives or museum staff. Got a question about your family heirloom? Send it in and you may see it featured in a future Pickling Our Past! By: Jennifer Duplaga, KHS Special Collections Administrator Q: Dear Kentucky Historical Society, I have recently acquired nearly 40 letters from an...

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  4. The Memory Ninja: Using Pinterest to Engage Your Family in Memory Collection

    The Memory Ninja: Using Pinterest to Engage Your Family in Memory Collection

    By: Cheri Daniels, KAO Editor & KHS Head of Reference Services In June, 1985, my great Aunt, Ada Browning, wrote a letter to my mother, wishing her a Happy Birthday. Beyond the standard niceties one would expect in a family letter, Ada informed my Mother that the card she sent was one that had belonged to my Great Grandmother, Nellie Cox Beyersdoerfer. Nellie had passed away in 1982, but Ada was still using some of the things gathered from Nellie’s home after the estate dispersal. At one point, Ada relates the following concerning another of Nellie’s items in her home:...

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