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  1. Elmer Beville’s War (Part 1)

    Elmer Beville’s War (Part 1)

    By: David Baker Editor’s Note: This article, along with Part 2 to be published later in November 2018, showcases two different approaches to incorporating primary sources into family history writing. Part 1 will provide examples of how one can fact check a letter or diary to better understand what the...

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  2. National Library Week: Brush with Celebrity

    National Library Week: Brush with Celebrity

    When researching Kentucky history, books are great resources, but you should seriously think about broadening your horizons to include archival material. Many libraries include rare or primary source archival collections, but today we’re going to focus on the large collection housed at KHS. As an institution, we have been collecting...

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  3. Collections Corner: Licking River Navigator

    Collections Corner: Licking River Navigator

    “The Navigator Containing Directions for Navigating Main and South Licking Rivers together with the Distances from one place of Notoriety to another…” Picture it: 1818, traveling along the Licking River in your flatboat. Unlike the Ohio River, the Licking is more narrow, with many twists, turns, and “ripples” to navigate....

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