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  1. Book Notes – The Kentucky African American Encyclopedia

    Book Notes – The Kentucky African American Encyclopedia

    The Kentucky African American Encyclopedia. Edited by: Gerald L. Smith, Karen Cotton McDaniel, and John A. Hardin. (2015. Pp. 596. $49.95. Hardcover. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky. 663 South Limestone Street, Lexington KY 40508-4008. www.kentuckypress.com) ISBN: 978-0-8131-6065-8. The Kentucky African American Encyclopedia is the first encyclopedia to record the history of African American Kentuckians and their biographies, events, and locations of interest in one package. The more than 595 pages of biographies, events, organizations and historical records are all well documented, complete with footnotes at the end of each entry. One thing you should notice about this resource is that there are many contributing...

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  2. Book Notes–Frontiersmen in the War of 1812

    Book Notes–Frontiersmen in the War of 1812

    Frontiersman in the War of 1812. By Glen Conner. (2015. Pp. 360. $26.95. Hardback. Morley: Acclaim Press. P.O. Box 238, Morely, MO 63801. http://www.acclaimpress.com/) ISBN: 978-1-938905-90-2. When reading about the War of 1812, Conner was surprised to learn seventeen men from his home county, Allen County KY, had been in the war.  Seventeen seemed like a large number at the time; shouldn’t he have heard about them sooner in Allen County history? Most interestingly to Conner, an ancestor he had heard served in the war was not on this list of 17 men.  The driving question became: who had served from Allen...

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  3. Book Notes – Resting in Peace: Civil War Leaders in Cave Hill Cemetery

    Book Notes – Resting in Peace: Civil War Leaders in Cave Hill Cemetery

    Resting in Peace: Civil War Leaders in Cave Hill Cemetery. By Bryan Bush. (2013. Pp. 168. $24.95. Paperback. Louisville: Butler Books. P.O. Box 7311, Louisville, KY 40257. http://www.butlerbooks.com/) ISBN: 978-1-935497-71-4. Sometimes we forget how important cemetery research can be to our genealogical search. Truth be told, cemeteries have the potential to supply complex pieces of information or clues that can point us in varying directions. Bryan Bush’s title from a little over a year ago demonstrates the fascinating tales that can be found when focusing on the stories of the deceased.  For most of us, our cemetery research begins with a personal tour...

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  4. Book Notes – Love at a Distance

    Book Notes – Love at a Distance

    Love at a Distance: The Courtship, Marriage, and Love Match of John Brennan and Emma Hickman, 1864-1876. By Nancy O’Malley. (2015. Pp. 435. $25.00. Paperback. lulu.com Publishing) ISBN: 9781312743083. In a remarkably short period of time, the long distance story of a young couple unfolded between Paris Kentucky and New York City. The limited number of years, covered in a series of letters gives us a look at their courtship, marriage, family life, and death. Author Nancy O’Malley was entrusted with the task of reading and processing the letters that survive between this couple, and which had been passed down by their descendants for generations....

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