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  1. New Year, New Genealogy: “Do-Over” or “Do-Better?”

    New Year, New Genealogy: “Do-Over” or “Do-Better?”

    With all the buzz and commentary in the news right now about Thomas MacEntee’s Genealogy Do-Over, it got us to thinking.  As the editors of an online publication devoted to Kentucky genealogy and local history, how could, or should, we participate in this year-long research “do-over”?  At first, we thought it was all about throwing out everything you have done and starting over from scratch.  That sounded horrifying to us and I personally shuddered to think of people tossing years of research and accumulated documentation into the trash.  But the more we talked about it, the more we thought, hmmm.  Could...

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  2. Marriage Statistics Being Eliminated in the ACS – United States Census Bureau

    Marriage Statistics Being Eliminated in the ACS – United States Census Bureau

    It has been brought to our attention that the American Community Survey (ACS) portion of the U.S. Census Bureau is eliminating questions concerning marriage and divorce. For those who believe this change would adversely affect their family statistical research, you have until December 30th to share your opinion with officials. The ACS is a supplemental survey sent out on a regular basis to gather statistical information from a small sampling of the U.S. population. The results are used to monitor trends and establish funding allocations based on local family statistics. The questions being eliminated from this survey are NOT associated...

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  3. Calling All Veterans! Share YOUR Stories with

    Calling All Veterans!  Share YOUR Stories with

    Just in time for Veteran’s Day – KY MEdia Bank is shifting its topic to focus on the experiences of those Kentuckians who served in the armed forces or were instrumental in aiding the cause during wartime. Have a story or photograph to share that represents your experiences? Just submit it to our online sharing platform: KY MEdia Bank – HISTORY BEGINS WITH YOU! Whether you’re new to the state or long established, currently living here or just passing through, we want to know the stories that have made an impact on your life or community and helped shape this...

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  4. A Taylor Family Reunion! Sept.5-6

    A Taylor Family Reunion! Sept.5-6

    For the first time in 20 years, the state of Kentucky will once again play host to the Taylor Family Reunion, September 5-6 in Richardsville and Bowling Green. The family lineage behind this event is long and well documented throughout the United States and beyond. For anyone with Taylor family roots, be sure to check out the lineage information below to see if you connect to this family that has resided in the Bowling Green area for over 200 years. Festivities are set to begin this weekend, Friday September 5th, in Richardsville at the Community Center from 10:00 a.m. to...

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