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History Mystery: Kentwood, KY

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Kentwood Bank, Kentwood, KY: Click on the image to get a closer look

Get ready geography enthusiasts!  This History Mystery is for you!   The KHS staff has been hard at work adding some of the 11,000 postcards from the Ronald Morgan Postcard collection to our Digital Collections Catalog.  We recently stumbled across this image of the Kentwood Bank, located in Kentwood, KY.  The image, dating from around 1900, shows a two story, stone building with the words “Kentwood Bank” chiseled into the stonework above the windows.  In all of our research about the postcard, we are still lacking one crucial piece of information.  Where is Kentwood, KY?   Since we have not been able to find any information about it in books or maps, it is possible that the town no longer exists.   Can you help us locate Kentwood, KY?


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  1. wrote on November 8th, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Maureen Samuels

    Searching Cronicaling America, I found two references to Kentwood in the Hopkinsville Kentuckian. 11/23/1905 p5 and 12/16/1915 p8
    Based on the dates and location, I would guess Kentwood is one of the small towns sacraficed by TVA to make either Kentucky Lake or Lake Barkley

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