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Collections Corner: Louisville Businessmen’s Club Directories

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IMG_4099Some of the most unassuming collections can yield a wealth of wonderful information. Upon processing review of the Louisville Businessmen’s Club Directories, the two little black binders appeared to be an ordinary member roster of a couple of the Business Clubs of Louisville from the 1950s and 60s. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that each member has his own page of information, including a picture! Some additional information included for each member includes: address, business/occupation, wife’s name, and hobbies. 

This collection consists of two small binders. One houses the Roster of the Louisville Business Men’s Club for 1958. The other contains the By-Laws and Functional Material of the Optimist Club of Louisville, Inc., 1961. As civic organizations, these clubs encouraged members to live by the “Golden Rule” and to provide high professional standards in their work. One of my favorite features is the nickname inclusion. Beyond all of the standard personal information, a nickname was sometimes included for those who had a friendly alias locally or among fellow members.

If you had an ancestor in the mid-20th century Louisville area that had his own business, or was civically minded, you should take a look at this wonderful collection! To access this collection, please visit the Martin F. Schmidt Research Library and ask to see archival collection SC 1696. Below is a sampling of the types of member profiles that can be found in this collection.






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