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History Mystery: Turkeys of Kentucky

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Browning turkey farmDoes anyone remember the Browning turkey farm in Winchester, Kentucky?  This image is shows Perry Browning, who was the president of the National Turkey Federation and owner of Browning Coal and Feed Co., standing in the middle of a crowd of turkeys.  Do you have a memory of going to the farm to select your turkey?  Did you proudly purchase a locally raised bird at the Winchester Kroger?  Did you know Perry Browning and have a story to share about his interest in turkeys?  We would love to hear from you!

This image is one of two found in the William B. Ogden Studio Negatives.  Ogden was a professional photographer in Winchester, Kentucky, who often photographed local businesses and personalities.  For more information regarding the Ogden Studio Negatives, just visit the Digital Collections Catalog.

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