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National Library Week: Voices of Our Ancestors

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Libraries have wonderful collections of books, magazines and other printed materials.  Special libraries like the Kentucky Historical Society also hold other types of materials that make it possible to hear your ancestors speak to you in their own words.  By listening to oral histories and other interviews and reading letters and diaries, you can learn the real story about Kentucky’s past from those who lived it.

KHS has several tools that make it easy to find these fascinating primary sources:

PTW logoPass the Word:  a discovery tool for oral history collections throughout the Commonwealth, sponsored by the Kentucky Oral History Commission (KOHC).  With more that 100 archives contributing information, new content that helps answer questions about our past continues to be added all the time.  Since its establishment in 1976, the KOHC has identified more than 25,000 interviews and their locations, now all searchable in this convenient online database. Pass the Word is made possible through the generosity of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Kentucky Historical Foundation.

OHKHS Digital Collections: a searchable database of digital images and files from the Kentucky Historical Society’s collections. The Digital Collections includes digital images of print, archival, graphic, audio and video files, as well as resource materials to aid in your research.

You can search both tools by name of interviewee and by topic, allowing you to hear all the stories your Grandma never told you! Explore the Unlimited possibilities @YourLibrary during National Library Week.

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